Premium Real Estate Representation In New York City.

Premier Real Estate Closing Advocacy

Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, you will need an experienced real estate attorney’s assistance for the closing process. From buying your first home, dealing with a condo collapse to selling family estates, you deserve to have a skilled legal team help you through every step of the way.

At Allomong & Associates, P.C., you will find a team of New York City attorneys offering exceptional, efficient and precise service throughout your closing process. We are a referral-based law firm that works with top-tier real estate brokers to benefit our clients.

Are You Involved In Selling Your Family’s Estate In New York?

Our services in real estate closings are not just for first-time homebuyers. We also assist families looking to sell family estates they may have inherited. Selling generational property can be emotionally and mentally challenging. You may have to address family disputes and strict timelines so it is essential to engage an attorney who has experience with handling sentimental transactions with respect and pragmatic strategies.

Critical Guidance And Representation For Buyers And Sellers Of Condominiums And Coop Units

Our attorneys provide highly skilled services to address the full range of issues that come with both purchases and sales. For condominium and cooperative unit purchases, we handle tasks such as:

  1. Due diligence, including attorney review of the condominium’s (a) board minutes, (b) financials, (c) offering plan and (d) a questionnaire to be filled out by the building’s property manager
  2. Reviewing, revising and explaining contract of sale and applicable riders
  3. Reviewing the loan commitment and collaboration with the lender if you are financing (we have preferred lenders and loan officers, please inquire by email)
  4. Settling any issues (such as title issues and repair issues) prior to closing
  5. Closing preparation, including an accounting of the transaction for purchaser’s tax professional
  6. Representation at the closing
  7. Preparation of a closing binder, including complete documentation of the transaction

For condominium and cooperative unit sales:

  1. Reviewing, advising or revising the contract of sale and applicable riders
  2. Addressing and settling any issues (such as title issues and repair issues) prior to closing
  3. Closing preparation, with an accounting of the transaction, securing any payoffs for liens or judgments or the apartment unit (this includes paying off the mortgage)
  4. Representation at the closing
  5. Preparation of a closing binder, including complete documentation of the transaction

Avoid Delays And Costly Mistakes

Our experience can help you avoid delays or costly mistakes as we lead you through your real estate closing in New York. Contact a team that has represented hundreds of referred clients and provided them with the satisfactory results they needed. Call us at 917-764-8530 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today. Our real estate services are provided on a flat-fee basis.