Premium Real Estate Representation In New York City.

Skilled Representation For First-Time Home Buyers

Purchasing real estate property in New York for the first time is an exciting event that can come with more complications than you may expect. When you need legal representation to guide you through your purchase, choose a law firm that offers premier real estate transaction services to their clients.

At Allomong & Associates, P.C., we are a boutique law firm that exclusively deals with top-tier brokerages throughout New York City. We pride ourselves on providing our first-time homebuyer clients with experienced guidance throughout their transaction with efficiency, integrity and precision.

How We Can Help You

When you are trying to purchase your first home, getting to the end of the process can seem like a distant goal. Real estate throughout New York is at a premium, and the purchase process is extremely complicated. We work diligently to settle things for you in a quick and efficient manner.

Our team can help you with valuable services, including:

  • Contract review, negotiation and interpretation to ensure your transaction documents are reflecting your best interests
  • Closing preparations, such as looking for any liens or judgments against the property by reviewing the title search
  • Navigate through pre-closing issues, such as repair needs, mold removal and other issues
  • Review transaction documents like the certificate of occupancy and other permits that tie to the property

Our extensive experience quickly becomes a significant benefit in real estate transactions. We use our skills in real estate transactions to resolve any obstacles that get in the way of completing your purchase. We can help you with any type of property as well; whether a condo, apartment, co-op, brownstone or another property, we know how to address your unique needs.

Do Not Wait To Get The Help You Need

When you are trying to buy your first home, do not take any chances with your transaction. Contact our team to schedule your initial consultation today. Call 917-764-8530 or email us here to receive the exceptional and dedicated representation you deserve from your real estate transaction attorney.